Choosing Our Walk

I was at a cafe the other day having some coffee and a bagel and had overheard a conversation of some men having a Bible study. A few of the men were talking about the various reasons their walk with God was suffering, they each said they longed to know Jesus on a deeper level. I thought, at first, that was cool. “If only He would reveal Himself, or if only we understood scripture more, if only the church we attend had more services…..” It was not my place to say what I thought, but I can and will here. I have been there in those places- the “if only” place. The Lord revealed something that totally blew me away (I love when He does that), it was of Him because it was simple but yet complex! Here it is – I needed to understand that I am as close to Jesus Christ as I choose to be. God gives you and I a certain amount of Liberty to follow Him as we so choose. Spiritual laziness then comes upon us, spiritual procrastination, spiritual despair which ultimately leads to apathy(apathy is deadly). Apathy is when you feel nothing. There is no guilt, no hunger any longer you just retreat inward. So as I sat and listened I had to ask myself, “Mark (that is what I call myself at the cafe), are you content with where you are at with my relationship with Jesus?” How about you? Are you choosing to walk along with Him or content with just standing around by yourself? In His Grip Mark – See more at: