And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

God is writing His story … in you! He is using all your experiences, challenges, and times of great joy. He includes all the people in your family, your network of friends, and those in your sphere of influence.

God walks with you every day all day long. He uses every circumstance and situation to develop you into the man or woman he desires you to be. Many people believe that God is impersonal, aloof, detached, and uncaring. However, that is not the picture of God in Scripture. God is intimately involved in your life. He is working all things for good … even life’s tough challenges.

Sometimes you take the wrong path but God redeems your detours. Sometimes you make the wrong decision, but God redeems your failures. He uses your joy and sorrow, your laughter and tears, and works them out for good.

Whether if feels like it or not, God is writing His story in you. Like a master potter working with clay, He is sculpting, molding, and forming you.

Life is more than a set of experiences or personal beliefs. Everything you experience, know, and believe must be grounded in God’s Word.

So if you are a story of God is it a novel that is picked up off of the shelf or are you left on the shelf?

So instead of complaining about your situation or circumstance, ask -“Did I create this myself?” If so, then seek wisdom from God’s word for the next time. If you did not create the situation you are in then pray that God change you!

God is at work in your life to develop you into the person, the story, the love, He desires you to be. Think about that today!