The 11th Commandment

I was thinking the other day about stuff that seemed most important to me. Things like my family our church family, my company , e.t.c.. I was arranging my day after my quiet time I had wrote down a verse on the top line of my ical- Matt. 22:35-40(you look it up). There is hardly anything better we can do for those we are around than to love Jesus our Lord so huge and to keep our love relationship with Him fresh and growing everyday. I see people on t.v. and read about them on the web who are willing to risk their reputation, lives, and put up with ridicule for money, could not the love of Christ motivate the real Christian to do the same for the gospel- I love to read of those martyrs who so loved Jesus that they had suffered and died for the sake of the gospel – it inspires and saddens yet I am thankful for them because they will always live in my hearts hall of fame. I pray we are motivated by the 11th commandment “love one another :just as I have loved you.” A self sacrificing love needs to be the D.N.A of the Christian life. Until the Trumpet Sounds Mark – See more at: