All Props to God! After a long couple of weeks of wondering if my sons heart is enlarged, or if there is a defect we have received the answer from the doctors that all is normal. I have to admit the time and place of not knowing is not my favorite place or time. I kept Psalm 45:2-5 close every day chewing on that verse, praying it, and at times begging God with His own Word. I kept looking and seeking that place when I felt fear and uncertainty creeping in. I kept Asa’s wonderful smile, hearty laugh, and sometimes great attitude in my mind savoring every moment just incase something were severely wrong with his heart. I could not imagine what it would have been like with out him around. The day my wife called me with tears of joy informing me that “there is nothing wrong, he is okay,” will be etched into my memory forever. My wife and I appreciate all those who prayed, people we never met were asking if he was okay and praying for him. I am sure that God feels the same way I did because so many of His children have heart problems. It hurts and though He knows the outcome I am sure He would rather have them healed. So maybe you could pray for those more fervently who may not have a relationship with Jesus or have gotten ill(spiritually). We need to understand there is a life on the line.Again thank you for your prayersMark – See more at: