Want Some

The other morning as I was sitting in my office having my quiet time my son Asa came in, he had just woke up he was a little groggy from a night of race car, Spider Man, and Speed Racer dreams. The first thing he did as he climbed into my lap was scan the desk for candy ( he knew I had some candy that I stash away). He quickly found a blue raspberry dum dum. As he sat on his little couch working on his candy he asked if I wanted some. I didn’t want to mix blue raspberry and coffee so early so I said no thanks. He persisted and was almost demanding that I try some, he explained that it was “dee -licious”. How could I refuse? So I gave in to the taste. It reminded me of something I had read a few days earlier in my quiet time. In John 1:41-42 He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, “We have found the Messiah”. And he brought him to Jesus. The one who brought his brother to Jesus was Andrew. We are not told that how Andrew did it. The Holy Spirit did not think it worth putting on record. But this brother whom he brought to Jesus preached a sermon that led three thousand people to Jesus in one day. Where would Simon Peter’s sermon have been if it had not been for Andrew going and sharing what he had seen and heard? The most important kind of Christian work is personal work. We envy the guys who stand on the platform and speak to great crowds, but God pays more attention to the man who sits down with a single soul. Like my son and his candy, he wanted me to experience what he thought to be so great, he did all he could to get me to try his candy. Once I tasted I could relate to his experience better. As a Christian that is all that is required in personal evangelism just asking if they “want some” of what we have. Please be sure you are a light and the joy of the Lord is in you, nobody wants what the depressed, bummed out, angry at the world guy has. Why? Cuz they have it already and who wants a double shot of that. Think about this if you lead some one to the Lord in one year and that person lead one person to the Lord the next year that would equal 2 people in two years, but if 200 people did the same the church would grow to 400 in a two year period. We just need to allow people to see that we enjoy the life we live as a Christian just because they say no does not mean we give up. – See more at: https://calvarykaty.org/want-some/#sthash.uIVxalt4.dpuf