Obtained Inheritance

I have heard a lot of talk recently as to what direction our country is going in and I even sometimes think we could, or I should say have the potential of, becoming a third world country. On the surface things are not looking so great. We hear of plans to help stimulate our economy everyday. I hear this also and will admit that I get a little concerned but not for long because I have a hope in an awesome mighty God, one who came and paid a price for me. So I now live in God’s economy while also living in this economy. Proverbs 21:1 reassures me that God has control and knows what is best when it comes to His children. God has marked out or determined before hand certain divine events that He allows to happen, whether it would be the economy, some disease, captivity, e.t.c.. God foreknowing how men would act under various circumstances, determined beforehand to allow them to take place or individuals to act the way they do; and certain acts and events will come to pass as parts of His total plan, while leaving all men fully responsible for what they do. Faith is what we really need more than a stimulus package.


May His Face shine upon you.

In Him

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