Storms Approaching

The other day we were told our son had an irregular heart beat and we needed to take Asa to the Texas Children’s Hospital for an E.K.G. When we finally got the results we were relieved to find out there was nothing wrong with his heart beat. Today we were told that he may have an enlarged heart. That is not the thing I wanted to hear. I feel trapped in a sense, that as his dad I cannot make this go away, but I can walk the only path I have known for the last thirteen years and that is hanging on to my Lord and Savior and trusting in Him. I remember when Jesus sent His disciples into the storm and they were in His will because He sent them. I know it may be a rough ride and over quickly or it may be a long hard journey. I pray that whatever the result that he see his mom and I standing with the tears in our eyes, faith in our hearts, and never turning our back on God. I pray that we (Jessi, friends, family, and myself) have our eyes opened to see in all events of life, whether good or bad great or small, that there is a chariot for our souls (2 Kings 6:17). We covet your prayers as we enter the storm. In His Grip Mark – See more at: