Taking Jesus Home

I was reading in Mark 1 how after synagogue service on that Saturday the people were amazed at his teaching and the eviction of a demon from some dude. But the most amazing thing is what happens after. Simon and Andrew James and John. They take Jesus home. Many Christians go to church and leave, and they forget some one – Jesus. If we are not taking the Lord and Savior, the one the people were amazed at, home then we can never expect to give our all to the service of the church body. The importance of having that relationship in our house, our work place, in our neighborhood, everywhere we go. Yet I believe many Christians are afraid of being known as a devout Christian. It does take some courage to go against the flow. If Satan can make you think and feel that you can do little or should do nothing and it is okay. We need to remember we cannot please God if we try to please man.The apostle Peter stated that all Christians are stewards, and we need to be trustworthy. Above everything else, a steward is called to be faithful. We should be faithful to share the gospel, the good news of Jesus. I pray that my fellow Christians would take Jesus home, spend time in communion with Him and share the amazing things He has done in your lives.