TOP-SecretMission Sixteen16

Operation: Romans Road
Call Sign
: M:16-16
Priority: Alpha
Clearance Level: Omega
Mission Parameters: Engage OpFor with Gospel of Jesus Christ. OpFor will be resistent to Gospel Message to varying degrees. Hostility level unknown. Mission Critical. OpFor will be difficult to locate and secure because of guirilla tactics and disguise deployment. Targets must be acquired in sequential order, regardless of intelligence gathering and identification efforts. Targets must be presented their official POW (Prisoner of Word) card prior to dispatch of Gospel Message. Hostile subjects may counter with objections; however, agents may engage hostiles with prayerful force!

Objectives: Objectives will vary by target. Secure locaton of  of POW Cards can be found below in each of the OpFor Dossier. Your CIA (Calvary Independent Agent) Liaison, will be on location to assist you with the capture of these high priority targets; however, their support will be limited to simple satellite commands (CIA will explain at briefing).

OpFor Dossiers

Click the first “Target” starting with Queen of Diamonds and moving to the Right in sequential order. Only view one at a time.

12       11       4       1       2       3         53                       


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