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Tools of the Trade

Remember that T.V. show Home Improvement with Tim the Toolman Taylor. Well, today I want to talk about tools (GRUNT GRUNT GRUNT). We are all men here and we love tools. But any lover of tools knows that you need the right tool for the right job otherwise the job becomes arduous and end up […]

Taking Jesus Home

I was reading in Mark 1 how after synagogue service on that Saturday the people were amazed at his teaching and the eviction of a demon from some dude. But the most amazing thing is what happens after. Simon and Andrew James and John. They take Jesus home. Many Christians go to church and leave, […]

Want Some

The other morning as I was sitting in my office having my quiet time my son Asa came in, he had just woke up he was a little groggy from a night of race car, Spider Man, and Speed Racer dreams. The first thing he did as he climbed into my lap was scan the […]

Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas to all! I pray your celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior was an awesome bash!!!! Our morning began early for me. I woke up and made the coffee for me Jessica and a close family friend. I prepared the video camera for the mornings festivities. Some of the traditions in […]

The Power Source

In an unprecedented radio event, a chapter of Psalms was read aloud during prime-time on IDF Army Radio, on behalf of the war effort.”May the Lord hear thee in the day of trouble, may the Name of the G-d of Jacob strengthen thee out of Zion… Some trust in chariots, and some in horses – […]

Our World In A Cup

The other day I had heard on the news that a plane had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. I was blown away when I heard that there were no casualties. I was amazed, and yet wondered how that could be. I thought they may have made a mistake and overlooked the […]

Obtained Inheritance

I have heard a lot of talk recently as to what direction our country is going in and I even sometimes think we could, or I should say have the potential of, becoming a third world country. On the surface things are not looking so great. We hear of plans to help stimulate our economy […]

The 11th Commandment

I was thinking the other day about stuff that seemed most important to me. Things like my family our church family, my company , e.t.c.. I was arranging my day after my quiet time I had wrote down a verse on the top line of my ical- Matt. 22:35-40(you look it up). There is hardly […]

Just For Today Every Day

I was reading in Psalm 4 this morning and came across verse 5 “Offer the sacrifices of righteousness,…” I do have to say it made me wonder and think. So as I finished my quiet time I began to search for sacrifices of righteousness in the Bible. What does it look like, what does it […]

Storms Approaching

The other day we were told our son had an irregular heart beat and we needed to take Asa to the Texas Children’s Hospital for an E.K.G. When we finally got the results we were relieved to find out there was nothing wrong with his heart beat. Today we were told that he may have […]